Our Department has the ambition to be an international site of learning. It strongly encourages and supports students to profit of the many Erasmus programmes that have been established with European universities.
It is furthermore keen to welcome students from foreign academic institutions and to integrate them in the teaching and life of our university. To this purpose some teaching is scheduled to be given in English and facilities are offered to international students.
An internationally acknowledged Ph. D. Programme in Law, Legal Theory and Economic Studies has been developed for now longer than fifteen years. Such programme bases on seminars held by distinguished scholars in the field coming to Catanzaro from all over the world.
Several international conferences and workshops have been convened to strengthen the research culture of our Department. Papers given in the framework of our Ph. D. Programme are published in a now well-known series “L’Europa del diritto” (The Europe of Law) edited by Edizioni Scientifiche Italiane, Naples.
An on-line journal, “Ordines”, with a board of advisors consisting of most prestigious international scholars gives also voice and a forum to debates taking place around our intense Doctoral programme.
It offers articles not only in Italian, but also in English, French and Spanish. Scholars such as Dieter Grimm, Wolfgang Streeck, Jean-Yves Chérot, Alice Woolley, Giandomenico Majone, Christian Joerges have contributed to the past journal issues.
Erasmus plus
Erasmus+ è il nuovo Programma Erasmus, che raggruppa in sé sette programmi dell’UE già esistenti nei settori dell’istruzione, della formazione e della gioventù, per il periodo 2014-2020.
Il programma intende migliorare le competenze e le prospettive professionali degli studenti e modernizzare l’istruzione e la formazione consentendo di svolgere un periodo di studio e tirocinio (traineeship) nei Paesi membri dell’Unione Europea e degli altri Paesi aderenti al Programma.
Contatti per gli studenti “in uscita” e in “entrata”/Contacts for “Outgoing” and “Incoming” Students:
Ufficio Affari Generali
Coordinatore Erasmus per l’area giuridica/Erasmus Coordinator- Department of Law
Prof.ssa Paola Chiarella
Coordinatore Erasmus per l’area Economica/Erasmus Coordinator- Economics and Management
Prof. Giuseppe Migali
Link utili/Useful Links
Per gli studenti “in uscita”/for “Outgoing Students”: Programma Erasmus
For “Incoming Students”: Profilo Studenti Internazionali